Surf4You International Windsurfing School is situated on the territory of the Surf4You residence, in the flat-water part of the Muine Bay, closer to the Fishing Village. 
This part of the bay is well-protected from waves by a large peninsula, surrounding hills providing a natural wind-tunnel.  Surf4You beach is  famous for consistent side-shore winds, yet flat water  conditions. Sandbed and lack of underwater currents, make it an ideal place for safely learning how to windsurf or quickly improving at any level.
Morning hours with lighter wind are great for beginners, with higher level riders having the option to sleep in a little longer and join the fun in the afternoon.
The Surf4You residence territory is equipped with guarded parking lot, high-speed Wifi, equipment storage facilities and a beachfront infinity-pool.  Riders and their families  can spend days enjoying the beach, swimming pool and cocktails on the marvelous restaurant terrace overlooking the entire Muine Bay. 
The Surf4You windsurfing school is fully equipped with up-to-date gear from the world’s leading producer - JP Australia and, of course, sails and masts from our own custom brand S4Y. 




* Rent of the board or sail only is 60% from the price for the full set of gear. 
**Price for 1 day of rent (charging for riding days only), including the harness and equipment change during the day. 
***Family Package - additional 20% allow several family members to use the same set of gear, saving considerably on individual rent.




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*While coaching a group of two or more people, class duration increases by 50%.


  - Insurance covers all expenses regarding restoring damaged gear.



 - Insurance does not cover partial or complete loss of equipment. 


 - Insurance does not apply to situations of failure to follow safety regulations that resulted in collision with other riders.